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welcome to positive survey solutions

Positive Survey Solutions (PSS) provide professional, highly skilled and motivated surveyors who draw on collective experience and knowledge to apply best practice methods for projects ranging from basic survey tasks through to complex multi-dimensional projects.


PSS consists of a small team of experienced qualified surveyors, most of which have worked together for over ten years. We draw on these close working relationships to maintain strong communication links, keeping all staff abreast of the project requirements while providing flexibility and interchangeability among all staff. This flexibility is at the core of our business approach as multiple surveyors are able to step in and assist in providing accurate, efficient solutions.

Central in our ability to provide and apply best practice survey methods is our knowledge and application of the latest in technology. With 2 Directors currently lecturing in Surveying and surveyors experienced in using the state of the art equipment we have at our disposal, PSS is excellently positioned to advise on, select and apply the survey method most applicable to the project at hand.
PSS surveyors have significant experience relating to many varied aspects of surveying, with 3 Registered Surveyors being at the core of our depth of knowledge. We are confident that our broad experience in surveying including cadastral, construction, utility location, terrain modelling, laser scanning, control surveys and more will allow PSS to provide professional, cost effective services for all projects.
With all staff having extensive and varied experience PSS is also acutely aware of the need to approach all tasks from a safety first position. From large road construction projects to working in railway corridors or surveying on country roads, PSS has experience in formulating and following safe working methods that address all the hazards identified in a particular work site. We support these safe work methods with applicable training including railway awareness, confined space and first aid.

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welcome to positive survey solutions

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