welcome to positive survey solutions

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Welcome to Positive Survey Solutions

Positive Survey Solutions (PSS) provide a team of  professional, skilled and motivated surveyors  to apply best practice methods for projects from basic survey tasks to complex multi-dimensional projects. Three registered surveyors are at the core of our depth of knowledge and significant experience in many aspects of surveying. 


Working together for over 10 years, the PSS team consists of experienced, qualified surveyors and field assistants.  These close working relationships have forged strong communication links, keeping all staff abreast of the project requirements and enabling interchangeability among all staff.


Flexibility is at the core of our business approach, as multiple surveyors are able to step in and provide accurate, efficient solutions, saving the client both time and money.


PSS provides professional, cost effective services backed by broad experience in surveying including cadastral, construction, utility location, terrain modelling, laser scanning, control surveys and more.

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