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land and property surveying

Positive Survey Solutions (PSS) has over 75 years combined experience in land and property surveys with this division overseen by director Brett White.


All land and property surveys are managed by a PSS Senior Registered Surveyor which ensures efficient, timely and cost effective survey solutions are achieved to meet our client's needs.


PSS has a strong relationship with various professional bodies and institutes to provide their clients with clear and expert advice in all dealings related to land and property surveys.


The PSS team specialises in all Land and Property Surveys, from small to large scale projects including but not limited to:


  • Land subdivision

  • Boundary identification

  • Land detail surveys

  • Primary applications

  • Re-definition and de-limitation surveys


  • Easement surveys

  • Native title determination and claims

  • High water mark surveys

  • Railway boundary surveys

  • Tenancy area surveys

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