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laser scanning surveys

Whether capturing data of bridges, buildings or dams you need speed and confidence that you will get the right data. Positive Survey Solutions provide you the confidence you need to quickly capture high accuracy 3D information and images that can be used to visualize the scene, generate orthophoto's or to take basic measurements.


Benefiting Applications of utilising Laser Scanners;

  • Dimensional Control Surveys

  • Structural Tie-Points

  • Fabrication & Construction Quality Assurance

  • As-built Surveys of Plants and Facilities

  • Public Infrastructure Modelling

Providing a safer, more precise alternative to traditional survey and dimensional control methods, Positive Survey Solutions Laser Scanning services are able to capture, visualise and model complex structures, sites and features.


Conducting laser scanning operations from a distance, Positive Survey Solutions is able to efficiently acquire precise data in potentially unsafe working environments in both day and night conditions.

For building construction projects that involve elements of virtual design or full BIM (Building Information Modelling) workflow's, Trimble 3D Laser Scanning solutions provide the following for both MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) and General Contractors:

• As built collection of existing conditions for renovation projects

• Progressive project data collection for QA/QC purposes (comparing model components to collected point cloud)

  • Stress Analysis

  • Architectural Facades - Historical and Heritage

  • Automatic modelling of pipes

  • Volume calculation

  • Access & Safety

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